5 Fabulous Instagram Tricks and Features You Don’t Know


As we all know, Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms. Instagram is the best way to connect with people all around the world. You can make a lot of new friends and chat with them through text or video calls. Instagram also provides you many other opportunities like you can earn money from this platform by selling products and making blogs.

The more followers the more money you can earn from Instagram. To get the followers you can also buy them from different sites or make your content strong enough to direct people to your profile. You can also use hashtags and tag famous brands to get the attention of the audience.

There are many different tricks and hacks you can do on Instagram but most people are not aware of these tricks and features which they can use. I have mentioned some of the Instagram Tricks and features below.

Stop People From Seeing Your Stories and Posts:

Most of the time you don’t post anything on your profile because of a few people you don’t want them to see. But there is a solution to this problem. Instagram provides you the opportunity to hide your posts and Instagram stories from the target people.

The procedure is easy and quite simple. All you have to do is to go to the account you want to mute there you will see the option of the mute tab on that button. When you tap on that button you will get a different option whether to post or both stories and post. Select the option and then the people you hide your story and post from will not be able to see your activities.

Turn off Online Status:

Instagram provides a great opportunity to its users. This feature is quite helpful and gives an advantage to the user. When you restrict someone they will not be able to see when you are online even if you read their messages. The person you restrict you will also not get any notification from them in the future.

To restrict someone the steps are quite simple and easy just go to your Instagram profile on the top right corner you will three dots click them and there you will see different options like restrict, block, and report. Click on restrict and the target person will be restricted from sending any notifications to you and he or she will not be able to see your online status. Similarly, if you want to block someone, follow the same steps.

Clear Search History:

Sometimes you stalk different people’s profiles and you don’t want them to find out that you were stalking them. It is very simple and quick to clear your search history. All you have to do is to go to your profile on the top right corner you will see three dots click on them and a menu will be displayed. Click on the settings option there you will find security and privacy scroll the button and clear search history. On completion of these steps, you will see that the search history is cleared.

Save posts for the future:

Most of the time you like a post and you want to save it for future use. When you save the post you only see the option that you have saved it and the post goes to the saved area. Most people don’t know where they can find their saved post.

One of the methods to save posts is to bookmark your favourite post. Below the post, you can see the icon of bookmark after pressing that icon your posts will be saved automatically and saved to the collection. To view the saved post go to the dots icon on the top right corner and tab the saved button there you will find your saved collection. You can also rename the post in the saved collection. You can also try IGViral to increase your Instagram post’s likes.

Remove old posts:

Sometimes you save a lot of posts at the time and later you want to remove them from your profile. The procedure to remove the old post from your profile is quite simple and easy. First, go to the post you want to remove the tab on that post and select the archive option.

Your post will go to the archive. To view the post in Archive go to the three dots on the top right corner and select the option Archive. If you want these posts back on your profile simply click on the show on profile option and they will become visible on your profile.

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