Consequences of Buying a Blacklisted Phone?

There are some cases in life where people buy blacklisted phones intentionally or unintentionally. These phones are not new but used ones. The price of the used phones is lesser than the new phones. People often then buy used phones to avoid these extra charges, however, we must make sure that these phones are not blacklisted.

It’s not at all hard to identify if the phone is blacklisted. Firstly, you need to identify its IMEI’s number (international mobile equipment identity number or ESN(electronic serial number). All of these numbers are specially designed for its security. You can easily find these numbers by typing #06# and IMEI or ESN numbers would be displayed. These numbers are also mentioned at the back of the phone or on the battery. There is some software as well where you can find out whether the IMEI number is blacklisted or not.

How Can We Know if We Have Bought a Blacklisted Phone?

Once you have identified the number you can check by calling its carrier or directly check it from mobile diagnostic like phone check

The phone which is blacklisted means that it was reported stolen or has been reported to the authorities. The blacklisted number means that the database of all the IMEI and ESN numbers has been reported by phone carriers, insurance companies, and legal authorities.

What if We Decide to Keep the Blacklisted Phone?

If you decide to keep the blacklisted phone by any chance then you must prepare yourself for its consequences. Firstly, all of your cellular activities would be blocked. You can’t call or receive calls. Secondly, your phone might get seized by the authorities. Thirdly, you can’t even connect your phone to the internet neither your phone to cell towers in the United States. Therefore, it is always better to search for the IMEI number and find out whether it is reported or not. What’s the point of buying a phone if you can’t use it to its fullest extent.

Can We Keep the Phone?

Yes, we can keep the phone but we do need to unblock it. If you decide to keep the blacklisted phone then you must find its original owner because only they can unlock the phone within 24 hours. Secondly, you can sell these blacklisted phones to the local shops. So, that they can use them for parts. Thirdly, some online buyback stores are also willing to buy financed phones which still owes some money. However, if by chance you can find the owner and switch the carriers then you can sell the phone using the traditional method. It can then be sold at the same value as the unlocked phone.

Who Blacklists the Phone?

Well, it is the phone carriers, Verizon or AT&T who blacklist the phone. If the phone gets stolen or lost then users usually put the phone’s IMEI’s number on the blacklist. The reason could be the unpaid bills or balance. Only the phone carriers can unlock the phone. We often assume that Apple blacklists the phone but this isn’t the case. Apple doesn’t do that due to its policy of not handling stolen phones. Therefore, it’s always better to do our research before purchasing any phones to avoid such circumstances.

Can We Pay to Unlock Blacklisted Phones?

Yes, we can pay to unlock the blacklisted phones. As it has been made clear that phone carriers can only unlock the phone but its kind of difficult to track and convince them to do so. However, we do have another process of unlocking the phone that is through the service providers. They can unlock the IMEI and ESN numbers by paying them a certain fee. For instance, $25 for unlocking an old iPhone and $190 for unlocking the new iPhone. Always go to reputable companies which are authentic in their work.

Another way of unlocking the phone is that to find a cause. The phone can be blacklisted due to the lack of full payment of the phone. You can contact the seller and ask them to do full payment or else you can contact the wireless carrier to remove the phone from the blacklist and you will pay the rest of the payment of the phone.

Furthermore, another option is to switch carriers to all carriers to have the access to phone’s IMEI. You can also purchase the unlocking facility from doctor SIM or unlock base for around -$20. You can also switch between T-mobile and AT&T because both of them are GSM networks. You can also switch between Verizon and Sprint as both of them are CDMA networks as well.

However, even if none of the above options work, your phone can still get connected to the WiFi. You can use the internet and place calls online. It’s not impossible to sell blacklisted phones just a little complicated.

There is some software to unlock the IMEI but there is no guarantee, however, it is better to check the phone before buying it to make sure that you end up using a smartphone that you can use without any complications.

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