How to clean in EarBuds to leave them as new

After teaching you how to clean the phone speakers and how to clean the charging port, let’s tell you how you can clean earbuds. To do this, we are going to give you both our recommendations and tell you the data provided by the big manufacturers in this regard. Cleaning a headset is simple, but you have to be careful.

Remember that the smallest earbuds, as the name suggests, are those that are inserted into the ear, whether or not they have a pad. Therefore, it is common that over time they collect wax and particles that we are not interested in being introduced into the ear, so it is advisable to keep them clean.

If they have rubber, clean it first

There are earbuds with rubber and without them. For example, the Google Pixel Buds and AirPods Pro have it, while the OnePlus Buds or AirPods don’t have it. In the event that they have rubber, the first thing is to remove it and clean it. With the rubber, we can be somewhat less careful than with the earbuds themselves, since the gum can simply be washed with water and neutral soap. It is very important to dry it well so that there is no moisture when it comes to putting it back.

Use a soft cloth that does not release lint

One of the recommendations given by manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, or Google is to use a soft cloth that does not leave lint to gently clean the earbuds. If you want, you can moisten the cloth in isopropyl alcohol and let the earbuds dry well before using them. It is very important that the cloth does not release lint or any hair so that it does not enter into the earpiece.

Use a soft-bristled brush

Another of the great protagonists when cleaning our technological devices is the toothbrush of soft bristles, also recommended by manufacturers. It is recommended to use soft bristles so as not to damage the metal mesh of the earbuds, an essential piece for your earbuds to work perfectly. With the brush, giving in a soft way, you can remove the remains of wax and dirt from the earpiece.

Use a cotton swab

The cotton swab, as long as you make sure it doesn’t let out small hairs, is another great ally. We can moisten it in isopropyl alcohol to dissolve the remains in the earpiece, to then dry with a dry cloth. Try to use it gently so as not to damage the earpiece, we just want to dissolve the remains that are on the surface.

Don’t forget to clean the charging case

Just as important as cleaning the earbuds is doing the same with the charging case. Here we keep the earbuds and, if we do not keep them clean, they will end up accumulating dirt. To clean the cargo case you can use a soft cloth if you want to moisten. The main recommendation of manufacturers is to avoid by all means that liquid enters the cover when cleaning it since we can damage the loading mechanisms.

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