Most Spoken Languages of Europe

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There are 24 official languages in the European Union (EU) spoken by its member states, as well as more than 60 different languages that are considered regional or minority languages. Because Europe has such a rich and diverse history, there are so many languages spoken across the continent. It is important for a language’s popularity to look at its native speakers, its global recognition, and the amount of translators available. In Europe, these are the languages most commonly spoken. So if you know any of the below language. There will be no communication problem for you in Europe.

1 – Russian

Russian language is one of the hardest languages to learn. There are more Russian speakers in Europe than any other language. Russian is the first language of 106 million people living in European Russia. Most of these individuals are native speakers of Russian, but not all of them speak it as their mother tongue. On the European continent, Russian is primarily spoken in the east.

2 – German

Approximately 97 million German speakers speak in Europe, making it Europe’s second most spoken language. German-speaking individuals have many career opportunities since Germany is considered the economic powerhouse of Europe. Due to this, many immigrants learned German as a second language.

3 – French

France has more than 66 million speakers, making it the third most widespread language on the continent. This language is an Indo-European language from Gaul. France, Monaco, and Western Switzerland, among other countries, have made French their official language.

4 – Italian

Italy has over 65 million speakers on the continent and is the fourth most commonly spoken language in Europe. The national languages of Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, and Croatia are Italian and Croatian respectively. As a closely related language to Latin, it was the language of ancient Rome. Fine art, classic music, and high-end branding are some of the things associated with the Italian language.

5 – English

England was the first place to speak English, but it is now spoken all over the world. About 60 million people speak English in Europe, making it the fifth most common language. French and German languages have influenced English. There is no official language of the country, but it is spoken in most countries.

6 – Polish

There are 38.5 million Polish speakers in Europe. Although Polish is the official language of Poland, minority populations speak it outside the country as well.

7 – Spanish

In Europe, Spanish is spoken by 38 million people. Many people refer to Spanish as Castilian because it originated in the Castile region of Spain.

8 – Ukrainian

Ukraine’s official language is Ukrainian, which is spoken by 36 million people in Europe. Originally, Ukraine was Kievan Rus’, an Old East Slavic language.

9 – Romanian

With over 22 million speakers, Romanian is the ninth most common language in Europe. In Romania and Moldova, it is a native and official language. From some of the different languages, European Union also recognizes Romanian as an official language.

10 – Dutch

In Europe, approximately 22 million people speak Dutch as a first language. After English and German, Dutch is the third most commonly spoken Germanic language.

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