Vaping is the Best Way to Quit Smoking?


Smoking is quite dangerous to dental health not only dental health but also physical health. There are many different side effects of smoking. When a person starts smoking they become addicted to it and cannot leave it. Smoking causes bacteria that remain inside the mouth and cause many different problems such as mouth dryness. When your mouth gets dry it affects the gyms and results in tooth loss.

This also causes short breath because the bacteria keep on growing in your mouth and prevent the oxygen to enter which can result in lungs failure. Due to the bacteria, the infection is generated inside the mouth and your mouth is not capable of preventing that infection which can lead to oral cancer.

Similarly, there are many adverse reactions of doing smoking. Some people start taking vapes to prevent smoking but vapes are not the way to prevent smoking it is as harmful as smoking. It cannot be considered as the best way to quit smoking but can be considered as a first step to quitting smoking. Some of the best ways to quit smoking are mentioned below.

Shift to vaping from Cigarette:

Most people are so addicted to a cigarette that they cannot leave it even when they become aged. Their muscles become weak and they cannot hold cigarette for a long time so to make them comfortable they can take nicotine e juice which give them the same feeling as the smoking and make them comfortable. The advantage is that it can help a person to quit smoking. After taking e juice person will not crave a cigarette and in a month or so the habit of cigarettes will quit. But the disadvantage is vaping causes similar effects as cigarettes so it is not quite useful.

Lower the level of Vapes:

When you decide to quit smoking it does not mean that you can do this in a day or so. You have to follow steps to quit smoking. First, take vapes to quit smoking then try to reduce the level of nicotine. You will get plenty of e juice to get rid of smoking. This procedure will take time but will surely help you to get rid of smoking and vaping with time. After you get used to the lower nicotine try to use the use of e juice with different strengths. You will get used to it with time and after few months you will become less dependent one juice in this you can quit smoking with the help of vaping.

Advantages of vaping:

In much research, it has been proved that vaping is less harmful than smoking there is no doubt the vaping is also harmful to health but not the same as smoking. Cigarette cause cancer and lungs issue because it contains tobacco. Tobacco contains much toxic and cancer-causing chemicals which are harmful to health. On the other hand, vaping does not contain tobacco which means that you have fewer chances of getting a disease like cancer. There are two components to vaping one is liquid known as e juice and another component is the device that uses to vaporize this e juice. Some of these vape devices are small pocket-sized with pods to hold e juice but some of the devices are large enough as the size of tank to hold e juice and they have eternal batteries. These components help the smoke addict to quit smoking.

Side effects of Smoking:

When you decide to quit smoking you are preventing yourself from much harm caused by smoking. Some of the side effects that cause serious health issues are mentioned below.

  • Cigarette causes 480,000 deaths each year from this number you can imagine how bad it affects your organs.
  • Smoking not only affects your dental health but also your physical health by harming different parts of your body such as lung failure and organ cancer. It also reduces the health of the person who smokes.
  • Because of smoking, heart disease has increased and now every other person is suffering from it the ratio has increased by 4 times.
  • In a nutshell, cigarette smoking can lead to a preventable cause of death.

Advantages of quitting smoking:

Quitting smoking help you to prevent many dangerous diseases. When you quit smoking the risk of heart attack drops sharply. The risk of having an infection in your mouth reduces and you can get rid of having cancer. After 5 years of quitting smoking the risk of dying from lung cancer drops.

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